Welcome to the wiki regarding all of Deutschland1871’s works! Here I try to provide as much information about my stories as I can, however with my limited knowledge on coding and how this site works it may take a bit. However I will try my best for you to get as much information as possible!

Main Characters

This is a list of all current main characters currently used in Deutschland1871’s stories.

Our Fight

Ash Ketchum


Ross Huot

Natalie Huot


Mama is a Sixth Grader!

Natsumi Mizuki (1994)

Natsumi Mizuki (2008)

Daisuke Yamaguchi (1994)

Daisuke Yamaguchi (2008)


Izumi Shiamura (1994)

Izumi Shiamura (2008)


Next Chapter of Kalos Roads

Chapter 7: Santalune Showdown!

Ash and co. reach Santalune City for Ash, Ross, and Serena’s first gym battle! Before this however, Riley contacts Dr. Abby for Bonnie’s first online appointmen. What events shall unfold?

Next Chapter of Mama is a Sixth Grader!

Prologue: The Girl from the Future!

When Natsumi returns to her old home in Yumegaoka, she gets quite the shock when she encounters time travel once again!
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