Natalie Huot is a young baby currently in the care of her older brother Ross Huot. Throughout much of their adventure in Kalos, Natalie is being held by Ross or asleep in her baby carrier, however near the end, where she gets older, she starts becoming more fleshed out, with the ability to walk and talk slowly growing throughout the story.

First Appearance

Natalie made her first appearance in Chapter 1: A New Life

Last Appearance

Natalie made her last appearance in Chapter 110: Alola Ash!


  • Natalie was the second character introduced in Our Fight, the first being her older brother Ross
  • Natalie is the first baby character used in any of Deutschland1871’s stories, and the only custom one. The second was Mirai for Mama is a Sixth Grader!
  • Alongside Ross, Natalie is the only character in Our Fight to have appeared in other stories that include non-canon characters. She first appeared in Pokémon Academy: Pokeproblems.
  • Natalie’s first name was inspired from “Nat” in Fallout 4, with her last being a reference to the World War 1 Huot Automatic Rifle.
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