Ross is a 15, eventually 16 year old main character in Our Fight. His childhood was up and down, with his father hardly around. His childhood came to abrupt end where, after his mother died giving birth to his sister and his father running out, he came to be the main caretaker of Natalie. after financial troubles drove him from his normal life, Ross became a lab assistant for Professor Sycamore, and later went on a journey to help Sycamore investigate and research Mega Evolution

First Appearance

Ross made his first appearance in the first scene of Chapter 1: A New Life making him the first character shown in Our Fight.

Last Appearance

Ross makes his last appearance in Chapter 110: Alola Ash!


  • Ross is the first character shown in Our Fight
  • Along with his little sister Natalie, Ross has appeared in other stories as well, being a main character in Pokemon Academy: Pokeproblems, Pokemon Academy: DS, and Pokemon Academy Pokeproblems: For Better or Worse?
  • Ross’s name is inspired by two World War 1 weapons, one being the Ross Rifle Mk. III and the Huot Automatic Rifle.
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